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The Salvation Army helped Tanya find the “Missing Peace”

Submitted by on November 21, 2013 – No Comment Salvation Army’s Missing Persons Department helps reunite approximately 250 lost loved ones and estranged family members a year. Their motto is “we help you find the missing peace.”

:: Click here to watch a 58 second video on our Missing Persons Department.

It’s not surprising that 85% of the inquiries they receive come in the months leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. The empty chair around the holiday dinner table has lead many families to seek out an estranged loved one.

Those who create an inquiry with our Missing Persons Department say they’re looking for their family member for a variety of reasons:
1) they simply want to maintain contact (56%)
2) are concerned about the ‘missing person’ (17%)
3) are nearing the end of their life (9%)
4) have never met before (6%)
5) want to make amends (4.5%)
6) other (7.5%)

In Tanya Sloan’s case, she was born at a Salvation Army maternity hospital and asked us for help connecting with her birth mother. She’d reached out to her already through the official government channels but her mother didn’t want any contact.

When our caseworker Lois Sellars sent Tanya’s mother a personal note, she responded with more interest but was still not willing to meet face-to-face.

Tanya took some time to think about whether she wanted to try contacting her mother again and when she made up her mind, it was a firm no.

But Lois had a great idea that lead to more than even Tanya had dreamed of.

Click on the Scribd link below to read the story written by Ilyse Lane and published by Midtown Magazine in North Carolina.

Worth the Wait

If you would like to find out more about our Missing Persons Department, please click here for a link to their page on The Salvation Army website.

To email someone on the Missing Persons Department staff, please click here.

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