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Liberian Salvation Army delivers supplies to help stop spread of Ebola

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Liberian Salvation Army officer delivers sanitation supplies to help stop spread of Ebola

Liberian Salvation Army officer delivers sanitation supplies to help stop spread of Ebola

Every day that the Ebola crisis continues to make news, I’m sure you feel as I do and pray for a permanent solution. Until that time comes, I’m grateful that our Army is there offering help in the form of sanitation supplies to medical facilities, food relief to affected families and even operating its mobile clinic.

See below for more details from our International Headquarters in London…

LIBERIA is facing a ‘serious threat’ from the Ebola virus which is ‘spreading like wildfire’ according to the country’s defense minister Brownie Samukai in an address to the UN Security Council.

The Salvation Army has joined the fight against this deadly disease through a number of initiatives in the West African nation, where 2,000 people have been diagnosed.

Forty volunteer workers have been recruited to bolster The Salvation Army’s mobile medical clinic team in the country. The World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned that at present ‘the number of new cases is moving far faster than the capacity to manage them’ and there is currently no vaccine available to combat the disease. Prevention is therefore key to the emergency response.

Sanitiszer, gloves and mouth guards to protect against the virus have been distributed in 17 communities where Ebola is prevalent. Residents in these areas are particularly susceptible to the disease due to poverty and unhygienic living conditions. Food packages – including rice, beans and cooking oil – have also been offered to families in particular need.

Some 6,500 individuals have benefited to date, including inmates at the national Monrovia Central Prison, where The Salvation Army was requested to extend its distribution by the local authorities.

Additionally, disinfectant and protective clothing has been supplied to medical practitioners tackling the epidemic. This is important in order to ensure their safety as they carry out their duties.

:: Click here to make an online donation to The Salvation Army’s ongoing disaster relief work in Africa.

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