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Find your local Salvation Army Angel Tree website!

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Angel Tree ArtLike all giving to The Salvation Army, it’s all about local. That’s one of many things people like best about us.

When you put money in the kettle or respond to a fundraising email or letter, your gift stays in your community to care for people who struggling to make ends meet.

Our brand new Angel Tree websites are making local impact too! From the comfort and warmth of your laptop you can make a donation that gives a kid or senior citizen something they need or want this Christmas.

Since it’s all about local, please have a look at the map below and then click on the area of the Western US where you live. Inside the popup will be a link to the Angel Tree website for your area.

Once you’re at the Angel Tree site, mouse over the angels and select one from the tree. There are boys, girls, senior citizens, and infants to choose from. After you’ve grabbled your angel, a list of suggested gifts and dollar amounts will display in the lower right corner drop-down menu.

Make your selection, fill in your credit card info, and then your dollars will be used by The Salvation Army near you to purchase gifts!

Because of your generosity, we’ll be helping sweet kids whose moms and dads can’t pay all the bills and provide Christmas too. And, we’ll also be making sure seniors who will spend much of the Christmas holiday alone and without family have a little something to enjoy.

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. If you have any questions about the Angel Tree, please email me and let me help you.

God bless you and Merry Christmas!

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