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Maj Butch Soriano is @RingingTo150 to highlight the red kettle & Salvation Army history

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Butch-4Yesterday morning at “zero dark thirty” – 4:00AM to be exact – Major Butch Soriano took up his bell and starting ringing at his kettle in front of the Walmart in Murrieta, California.

“Why so early, Major Butch?,” you ask. He’s on a quest for bellringing history.

This is the fourth year he’s competed in a bellringing competition to see who can stay upright the longest, bringing Christmas joy to shoppers and raising money for local needs.

Last year he, Captain Jim Brickson of Albert Lea, Minn., and Andre Thompson of Tyler, Texas agreed to stop ringing at 105 hours.

But this year is different: there are no other competitors.

Major Butch is planning to ring for 150 hours to raise awareness about the kettle and in honor of our upcoming international anniversary in 2015! “That’s one hour for each of the years The Salvation Army has been on the march, doing good for people around the world,” says Major Butch.  He plans to lay down his bell on Sunday morning, December 14 at 10:00AM.

:: Drop something in Major Butch’s kettle at 41200 Murrieta Hot Springs Road
:: Follow his progress on Twitter at @RingingTo150

Even though he’s on his own, there are rules. He must stay standing, he must ring the bell continuously, he can drink water, juice or sports drinks while he rings, and he accrues 5 minutes of rest each hour when he can eat, sit or lie down, take a bathroom break, etc.

Lest you worry that he’ll be cold or sore during his bellringing quest (he will, at least a little), his corporate sponsor Pechanga Resort & Casino is providing a warm jacket, a chair for his rest periods, a heat lamp, a daily massage therapist AND up to a $2,000 match in donations to his kettle.

The media has taken quite an interest in his story!
:: Here’s a clip from CBS Los Angeles
:: Read this story from the Valley News

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