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Doing The Most Good logoSeveral months back my boss Deborah Knutson asked a couple of us to help her create what she called “accountability sheets.”

The idea for the project was to choose several ministry categories of The Salvation Army and then develop a page which describes the need and our response to each, as well as give suggestions about how donors could make targeted gifts to meet that need.

Once we got them written, our friends at The Richards Group (The Salvation Army’s world class advertising agency!) zazzled up the copy a bit and added a perfect picture to complete the page.

Each of the nine sheets can be used “as is” on your blog or website, linked to from your Facebook or Twitter feed, or even downloaded via Scribd, printed out and handed to a donor the old school way!

#1 – Helping kids be kids
#2 – Feeding the hungry
#3 – Living well has no age limit
#4 – Combating natural disasters with acts of God
#5 – Lighting the Path to Sobriety
#6 – Showing women their true beauty
#7 – A warm, safe place when needed most
#8 – Our volunteers move mountains
#9 – Bringing Joy to Those in Need